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Moonrise Social Club has it's own NFTs on OpenSea!

What are NFTs you ask? NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens, which is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. Although anyone can have a copy of the digital art or even take a screenshot, you do not own the digital work. With NFT ownership you have the ownership of the digital art and can unlock content, experiences and more with some of the NFTs out there (like ours).

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Facebook/Instagram Shutdown: What It Taught Us

On October 5, 2021, the world completely stopped (for some). For about six hours the popular social media and messaging apps. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook), suffered an outage due to a "technical issue". Influencers, brands and consumers were completely stuck with no ability to post, engage or scroll on the apps. PEOPLE FREAKED OUT. Like literally the swarms of people that took to Twitter or TikTok were wild! However, we didn't flinch. 

Social media outages are bound to happen. Yes, brands lost tons of precious advertising and influencers may not have been able to post their sponsored posts, (we sympathize with the fact that for many, this is their business); but like any good business, we prepare for these things by diversification. 

Early on in my career, I learned about the rule of 2. It is a simple rule that you should never rely on one channel and always have two options to reach customers. As a result, we focus on two social media channels owned by different companies (Instagram and TikTok). Our sales channel for our products business, We Spill The Tea, is being sold on Amazon and our own e-commerce solution. If Amazon were to be sold and turned off tomorrow, we'd be okay. Having the mentality of at least having two options will protect and save your brand. It is a simple diversification method that you cannot forget. 

So while everyone was Insta-panicking, we were tiktoking and chillin'

How are you diversifying your brand's channels?