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Moonrise Social Club has it's own NFTs on OpenSea!

What are NFTs you ask? NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens, which is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchain. Although anyone can have a copy of the digital art or even take a screenshot, you do not own the digital work. With NFT ownership you have the ownership of the digital art and can unlock content, experiences and more with some of the NFTs out there (like ours).

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Our Thoughts On "The Metaverse"

For as long as we can remember, we have been talking about the future - alternate worlds, times and realities where experiences were digital and so further advanced than what we experience today... so, why are so many people shocked that the "future" is already here with Facebook's announcement of the metaverse? Because people never actually thought it could happen. 

But it is here. Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook - or newly rebranded "Meta" explained in a keynote last Thursday that digital universe is here and Meta will be working toward's partnering with developers to make it possible. The metaverse, as we know it, is a virtual reality / augmented reality experience that brings digital environments to life through new worlds, holograms, digital currencies, products and economies. 

Many people are scared of what the Metaverse brings, but as a marketer, we are used to change. We understand that since the launch of TV, we have been adapting to the digital world slowly and pulling more away from our physical selfs. You see this really take shape now that the global pandemic forced many people to get more comfortable with the online digital world. 

Think about it, this change has been happening for years! We found this breakdown from instagram account @coingrams and it blew our minds:

Work --> from factories to laptops to boardrooms to zooms. 
Friends --> from neighbors to followers. Where do you find people who are like-minded? Twitter, Reddit, Facebook. 
Games --> More Kids play fortnite than basketball and football combined. 
Identity --> filters are the new makeup. 

Everything will go digital - your friends, your job and your identity. So, you are left with two choices - embrace it or resist it. Which side are you on - Pro-Meta or Anti-Meta?